I am a filmmaker, writer, and interactive media-maker driven by an overwhelming desire to represent suppressed perspectives through moving images and interactions. I live for the pursuit of new ways to tell stories in the digital space, and am deeply fascinated by the increasingly malleable and immersive nature of film form. Spontaneous creativity, technical experimentation, thematic clarity, and tonal complexity mold both my style and process.


Regarding inspiration, Bergman, Tarkovsky, Kieslowski and Kurosawa—if I were to start gushing, I wouldn't stop. The oneiric quality of film remains its most magnetic draw, and has been a reoccurring style in both the subject matter and aesthetic of my work.

Feel free to drop me a line for project inquiries, collaborations, or perhaps just some witty film geek banter.

© 2018 Ella Vance

director + producer + creative