Ella Vance is an Australian-American filmmaker, writer and interactive media-maker living and working in Denver, CO. Most recently, Ella was awarded a grant by Side Stories RiNo in association with Denver Film Society to create her original short film, ​Golden Afternoon. The film was screened as an outdoor art installation in March 2019 in RiNo Art District and again in August 2019 at Dairy Block in Downtown Denver. With a background in art film and interactive museum media, Ella’s creative practice is rooted in the use of film and media as an oneiric conduit for self discovery. Her 12 short films take on a variety of structures and themes that explore the inner worlds of each subject whether real or fictional. Ella uses a variety of mediums to enhance the stories she tells, including: digital video, 16mm, Super8, web-based interactive experiences and audiovisual installations. Ella is currently in pre-production on her first documentary feature film, ​We Are The Only People We Know​, set to premiere in 2022.

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