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FBI Experience

Role: Creative Lead / Producer / Writer / Project Manager
Client: Federal Bureau of Investigation

Production Company: Cortina Productions

  • Produced 3 interactive media and film pieces including an augmented reality bank robbery game, an FBI career quiz interactive, and a short documentary on the SWAT agents of the FBI.

  • Project Manager for 12 pieces of media currently displayed in the J. Edgar Hoover Building in downtown Washington, D.C.

Augmented reality

New Video

New Video

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The FBI Experience features an augmented reality game called "Bank Robbery" that allows users to collect evidence digitally from a physical space within the exhibit. Users learn about the different steps involved in a crime scene investigation by the digital elements that populate their tablet screen when the camera is pointed to different objects in the space. See the demo video below for an inside look. 

Interactive kiosk

The FBI Map interactive gives users a chance to explore FBI field offices nationwide, offering the location and contact information, as well as a detailed history of when and why each office  was founded.  Featured cases are included for each field office location, while only a select few pivotal events  are scattered across the map, reinforcing the enormity of their impact on U.S. history and the history of the FBI. 

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