Golden Afternoon


Featured as a projection on the Source Mountain Towers for Side Stories 2019 in Denver.

A young girl takes us on a fantastical journey through a dream world she is transported to when she finds a mysterious pair of glasses. An experimental spectacle, and a dive into the wonders of childhood, this film will remind you of the power of imagination and the importance of recognizing beauty in unexpected places.

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My Gal, Blue


Lana spends the day preparing for a sweet anniversary surprise planned by her partner Blue.

Moving In Absentia


Since before she could remember, Libby has been desperately trying to separate herself from her mother's path of destruction. Over the course of an evening, it becomes painfully clear to her that she has fallen into the same circumstances she once blamed her mother for.

We're Still Here


Selected for the MNTV Showcase in Spring 2016, installed in the Best Buy Film/Video Bay at the Walker Art Center


We journey with Erwin Farkas to the site of what used to be Flossenbürg Concentration Camp. Survivors gather for the 70th anniversary of their liberation from the camp, sharing stories of heartbreak, friendship, and perseverance.

When We With Daisies Lie


Featured in the 2014 Minneapolis St. Paul International Film Festival

We follow two sisters as they commemorate the fifth anniversary of their third sister's death.

This Isn't History 

Lead Editor


Touching recollections by three holocaust survivors, Erwin Farkas, Robert O. Fisch, and Joe Grosnacht. This was created as part of a class project in conjunction with the MCAD-Edelman Integrated Marketing Partnership.

Madness in Small Rooms


A transforming evening for a person struggling with reality and fighting insanity.

Three's A Crowd



Three quirky individuals are caught in a love triangle.

The Wanderess



In nature and love, we follow the wanderess on a metaphysical journey. Super 8.

Chronic Bartender Fixation


A weepy, self-pitying 22-year-old has developed a fetish for bartenders: the only men who give her exactly what she needs...



A personal portrait of a burlesque dancer.

Glimpse, A Documentary


An intimate "glimpse" into the lives of a few different individuals.



Will finds himself at a turning point when he can no longer ignore the calling of past passions to overcome issues of the present.