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The You're Invited interactive experience is an invitation for users to step into the shoes of White House guests under the Nixon Administration. You can explore different events such as the infamous POW Dinner, an Evening at the White House with Frank Sinatra, as well as a State Dinner with French President Georges Pompidou. The interactive is displayed on a 42" monitor mounted in a 1970s-era work desk within the exhibit.


The Yellow Notepads interactive  is comprised of four different stations  in the exhibit. Each station highlights original and transcribed versions of Richard Nixon's notepads from four main subject areas:  Greatest Hits, Soviet Union, Equal and Expanding Rights, and Nixon in China. The interactives are displayed on 32" monitors.


Mrs. Nixon's Travels is an interactive experience that covers Pat Nixon's extensive travels while she was First Lady of the United States. Users can choose to explore by selecting the photo album, travel documents, or Mrs. Nixon's Passport, which includes real stamps and visas from her many travels.  The interactive is displayed on a 32" monitor and mounted in a 1970's-era suitcase. 


The Listening In interactive features telephone and room recordings from Richard Nixon's presidency. The interactive stations feature four different areas: Greatest Hits, Space, Communism and the Cold War, and Equal and Expanding Rights. The interactive is displayed on tablets that are mounted beside a 1970s era telephones which play the audio triggered by the interactive recording selection.

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