Role: Creative Lead / Producer / Writer / Project Manager
Client: Royal Alberta Museum 
Production Company: Cortina Productions


  • Produced 13 interactive media pieces currently displayed in the museum. These include an augmented reality experience on the geography of Alberta, a multiplayer game about genetics, and an in-depth historical interactive featuring micro-documentaries on the history of First Nations people in Alberta.

  • Project Manager for 33 unique media pieces displayed in different galleries throughout the museum. ​

Augmented Reality

Motion Responsive Topographic Sand Table

Interactive kiosks

Interactive Kiosk and 10' x 10' projection, mapping and displaying ancient Rock Art in Alberta.

Bilingual multi-player game utilizing 3D modeling/environments to educate on genetic mutation in an engaging interactive experience. 

Educational CMS-driven kiosks displaying curated content on various sea life and plant life in Alberta.

© 2021 Ella Vance

director + writer + producer